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Jack Hose

“I’ve been playing the drums since I was about 10, as soon as I started really listening to other bands and focusing on music it took such a hold of me I knew it was going to be what I was doing for the rest of my life. Kane and I started the band after meeting at the end of our time at school then followed it through to college and uni and its just carried on growing and growing. Unified is everything to me. The time I spend with these guys, whether its performing or just writing something new, has been my escape from the rest of the world for a few years now and I wouldn’t change a day of it.”

Kane Whittaker

“I started out on the clarinet when I was around 8 but it wasn’t until a family holiday when I was 10/11 when we went to see my cousins that I found my actual passion for music. My cousin is a musician and I honestly thought it was the coolest thing id ever seen or heard watching him play the guitar. Inspired by that I learned to play the bass during my first year of secondary school and quickly found my self in circles of people much older than me who could pass on some music knowledge. By my second year I had gotten my first guitar for my birthday, I spent a whole lot of my time working my way through tracks learning most of what I learnt by ear and really developing a style. People are what keep me motivated, it’s the sort of tennis match of pure nerve and energy that I really thrive off. The band means the world to me I was there right at the very start but it wasn’t until I met jack that we really became unified roots and that’s been us ever since.”

Alex King

“I started playing on the drums when I was about 5, this was inspired by my father as he is a drummer and I wanted to be like him…. but could never get past a basic beat.  I really got into music when I was bout 13 after watching Scott pilgrim and thinking that the bass was cool. I bought an Epiphone thunder bird and fell in love with the feeling of playing music. A little under a year after that I bought my first guitar- a 2015 Gibson LPDC I called ruby that I still use now with unified roots. With this I started to develop a distinctive style of playing as I do not really play the guitar traditionally, I play it more like a bass using an octave pedal. when jack invited me to a Unified practice, I bit his hand off, we had a practice and while we jammed, we just seemed to click. I guess what this band means to me is that it is the first full band I can say I am honestly proud to be a part of the first full band I can really believe in.”

Ronan Baker

“I have been playing bass for a number of years now and can also play the guitar, but bass is where my heart truly lies. I’ve been in a number of bands because I can’t see any better way to spend my life than playing the music I love. My years being in bands has served me well for practice and experience, but it was when I joined unified roots that I really found my place and passion.”


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